For Your Eyes Only

First of all, this is a cautionary tale. You never know where your secret home made porn might end up. So there are 3 things you need to keep in mind:
– How much you trust the recipient
– How much you would care if the content went viral
– How likely is the recipients phone to end up lost or stolen and the contents watched!

Ok, disclaimer out of the way, this is my story of how I keep my man satisfied even though we can’t see each other in the flesh (so to speak).

The first rule here is that you have to have a bank of memories or fantasies to refer to and secondly, you have to practice a healthy dose of self-love. You need to celebrate your body, turn yourself on.

It started with a cheeky titty shot. A tasteful snap of nipple, titillating my lover. He loved it, and his response was absolute adoration. I could imagine him looking at my juicy tit, imagining his mouth sucking on it, and his fingers caressing the soft skin. My auroras tightened in fantastic pleasure. I couldn’t help but touch them and feel how delicate and delicious they were.

This escalated to a short 10-second video of my naked body lit in a romantic blush of soft light. It helped that I had just returned from the beach and had a hot shower. My body felt ripe and scrubbed and clean. As I was making the short snippet, I was watching myself from his perspective. I was seeing the dark shadows in the curve of my body, the weight of my breasts and belly and as the camera moved to my pussy, so did my fingers.

“I made you a nature documentary” I texted.

“I can’t wait” he replied.

After I sent the tasty morsel, I didn’t hear from you for at least 10 minutes. I was worried that I had overstepped the line and now he thought I was a tart, but it turns out he was taking care of his hard on. I could just imagine him jerking his cock off. I was randy as hell.

“I want to suck it” was my response as I came with one hand on my clit and the other on my phone.

The next morning he rang me at 4am. He was drunk and horny as a schoolboy. I could hear the desire in his voice and my pussy got wet instantly.

“I’m inside you,” he breathed down the phone.

“I can feel you.”

“So sweet, it feels so good.”

“My pussy is so wet.”

His breath deepened and quickened. I loved the sound of his breathing with me under the covers. I came so hard my pussy cascaded like a rapids near a waterfall.

My ‘piece de resistance’ came (excuse the pun) straight after a hot yoga class followed by a steamy shower. Sitting back on my bed, my body felt supple and relaxed and as I heard the chime of his text, my petals started to bloom.

Lying back on my bed, enveloped by the silky folds of my nighty, I felt so good. I wanted to show him my voluptuous curves and kinky angles. I lay back and spread by thighs and angled the camera at my pussy. I started slowly rubbing my clit, my legs widening in pleasure. Arching my back, I inserted my finger inside the pink folds of my pleasure peach. As I parted the folds, the juicy nectar flowed out, the honey for my lovers viewing pleasure.

1.38 minutes of pussy power. I was quivering with anticipation of his response the minute I pressed send.

He didn’t’ disappoint.


I imagined him inserting his tongue inside my salty-sweet cunt. Licking the juice berry at the top.

“I’m going to rub my cock on your clit.”

This was too much for me to bear. I wanted his so bad, I felt his cock fucking me deep and filling me with his essence. I came without needing to use my hands, just using my imagination.

My lover is far, but he lives with me in my imagination. Dream like but so real.

I am enjoying my long distance phone sex relationship more than most real fucks I’ve had. It is tantalising, there are treasured moments, and we are communicating better than ever before.

Miss someone? Give it a go. I recommend it, at your own discretion.

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