In the Bath

It is a Sunday evening. A single girl’s heaven or hell – depending on the mood.

This Sunday is a good one. I am at peace and feeling productive. Groceries bought, whiskey nips, dog fed.

I run myself a bath to soothe my muscles sore from a workout and to set my mind to relax mode.

The bathroom is steamy and warm. Condensation on the mirrors.

My body is a pink warm form in the foggy window.

I step my toe into the bath. It burns at first, but then once I’m used to the heat, I slide under the warm water.

The bath is aromatic and slippery from oil. I breathe in deeply, enjoying the steamy air filling up my lungs.

I lay back, with my nose under the water-listening to the underwater sounds of the house shifting and creaking.

My body feels good. I’m covering it in oil. My skin is soft and slippery, and my mind starts to drift.

My clit feels hard and rub it just the way I like to. Gentle, yet firm and rhythmic.

I watch my legs part as the pleasure builds deep in my vagina. My legs look juicy and plump, my vagina is covered in a thick bush of hair, with the secret folds blushing deep red.

The waves of pleasure build, my body undulating slowly, the hot water ebbing and flowing over my nipples and belly.

As the sensation quickens, so does my breath. I have my legs stretched far apart, my vagina swelling and the juices flowing.

I write and moan in pleasure as I come. The sensation the same as a wave breaking over a beach. Crashing down on the sand and sliding over the beach.

Spent, a slow smile spreads over my lips.

Happy Sunday, singles!

Photo by Bart Scholliers on Unsplash